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A Natural Solution for Every Problem

Published: (May, 2011)

A Natural Solution for Every Problem

I receive many emails asking my opinion on this or that cosmetic surgery. I must confess, I'll always try to talk you out of it. I am a ceaseless searcher for ever-expanding levels of health, fitness, and anti-aging ... naturally

Am I biased?  Yes. Big time.

Those of you who've followed my work know I had to have eleven surgeries on my hips so I could walk. Orthopedic science has earned my gratitude. But, frankly, I feel I've had enough surgical intervention. I may even harbor, I daresay, a bit of doctor-phobia. Like a claustrophobic doesn't go into small closed spaces, so I stay away from doctors.

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I had, however, one, in fact, two areas on my body where a cosmetic procedure might have been justified. The surgeries on my hips did help my walking. But those same surgeries left my hips looking like the pitted remnant excavations of an ancient archaeological site. Those high-leg swimsuits--you know the ones: cut up to here--don't help. Beaches, for me, have been darned uncomfortable places to be.

Anyone who's had any kind of defect or perceived defect knows how that feels. You think everyone is looking at your problem. Whether your blemish shows all the time, or only in certain settings, believe me: I do understand.

It is my belief that when we have a problem for which we need to find an answer, the answer already exists. The problem and the solution, I also believe, always come together in some way--one cannot exist without the other. We just have to be observant, and a solution will present itself.

Several years ago, a lady who organized an event for me on the East Coast, recommended I try a procedure called myofascial release. She even offered a therapist who was willing to give me a free session. I brushed it off. Not for me, I decided, without even trying. (Memo to myself: Was there a small part of me that perversely wanted there to be no solution, no hope?) Little did I know that three years later I would come back full circle to that very thing and discover that one of the answers had already been handed over to me. I just wasn't listening the first time.

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I've learned that myofascial release as a solution for scars can be very effective indeed. At first, I tried the method but without really believing in the possibility of success. After all, I said to myself, what could a pair of hands do for fleshly deformities as severe as mine?  Something, however, led me to press on. Now, several months later, the results are astounding. While my hip area is hardly flawless, but the--there is no other word for it--offensiveness, the ugliness around the sites of my surgeries is gone! I am ready for beach season!

Just two hands and a lot of persistence were able to even up, smooth, and practically reshape a rough scarred surface resulting from multiple surgeries. This account strengthened what was already my strong conviction in the amazing powers of "natural" methods. Now I am sure that even some of the most "impossible" issues can be resolved "naturally." Give a hand to your body and it will cooperate in restoring or creating health, symmetry and harmony.

When I first came to see Donna, my myofascial release specialist, she asked to trade with me: she will take away all my scars, if only she could have my skin in return. Not a good trade, honey! It's much easier, I told Donna, as I'm also telling you, to acquire healthy skin on your own ... if you're willing to do the work. And you can do it yourself! 

Whatever you do or don't do for your skin does make a difference.

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What is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about aging?  Wrinkles. What I'm about to tell you may register as a bit of a shock, but it's true. Wrinkles ... or no wrinkles ... it's entirely in your hands. You can see wrinkles in some folks under forty. And I know women in their eighties who don't have them. It has nothing to do with genetics--the unwrinkled are often just those who care about their faces!

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Cosmetic surgeons do us a great disservice when they say that moving facial muscles leads to more wrinkles. They scare patients into thinking facial exercises are the worst thing they can do. The truth: Facial exercises can reshape and refresh your face.

Another facial technique:  Consistent, dedicated dry brushing, removing old cells and stimulating new cell growth, can "brush off" blemishes. Physical manipulation of the skin and its underlying tissues has a rejuvenating effect on the whole area. A massage for the face makes as much sense as a massage for the body. See my Blog article: 
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Learn how to dry brush your skin in this short video: From Dry Skin to Glowing Complexion. You'll learn how to make your skin glow in just thirty seconds a day.