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Aging Is Not Fair

Published: (April, 2011)

Aging Is Not Fair

An email from "Kathy" read: Tonya, from your Quantum Eating we see that, to keep young, we should lower our metabolism. I have a friend, 36 years old. She hasn't a wrinkle anywhere, is very slim, yet she's on no diet whatsoever--she will enjoy French fries any time, day or night, eat meat, dairy, etc. I think she has a fast metabolism, yet it doesn't show on her face. What's the explanation?

Remember the first time it occurred to you that you're actually--dare I say it?--aging? You're so busy with your work, your family. One day you pause near the mirror. Then you see it ... those strange folds ... crow's feet ... and the muscle tone has moved-down South somewhere ... Surely a distortion in the mirror. No--it's real ...

Many people have told me they first noticed their face or hands age "overnight." Some can even pinpoint the year they first noticed their aging. Last year they were content with their appearance. Then this year ...

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I can remember, even to the day, when it happened to me at age 37. I had just completed my last day at the boys' school where I was teaching mathematics. I'd finished a stressful year--hadn't had time, I guess, to look in the mirror. Not only did my face resemble the Moon, it also bore all the marks of lunar topography--craters, blotches, and I could have sworn I even saw Neil Armstrong's footprints.

I have also seen this downward transformation in others. I know one person who was trim, looked like a teenager, and ate everything he wanted. All the cooked food he was scarfing down left him unaffected ... or so it seemed. Then, when he hit 40, it was like meeting a different person. He was puffy and had gained a spare tire. Now he looked every day of his 40 years. 

Some people tend to age slowly, appearance-wise. But when they do start showing their age, it tends to hit them like a brick. It's as if they got old and wrinkled overnight.

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Back to Kathy's email... Am I saying to her: Your friend will age, just wait and see...?  It certainly sounds that way. I hear similar comments from my husband all the time. "So-and-so eats everything he wants and he's not putting on weight..." The fact is, people have different constitutions, and different genetic predispositions. 

It seems unfair. But look at it this way... those of us who see those signs of aging sooner are the lucky ones. Why? Because we can see the writing on the wall and make changes earlier in life. And we are infinitely more fortunate: we know how to reverse aging. Raw food in, skin care out. And it is never too late to make this change!

The other big question of Kathy's remains: Is it good or bad to have a slow metabolism? Read my article: Is Your Metabolism Fast or Slow for more info ...

Menopause: A Surprising Benefit of Raw Foods

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And men don't escape hormonal changes either. As men and women age, and certain hormones become imbalanced, often deficient, a strange phenomenon takes place. A phenomenon that nobody talks about, and yet it's very disturbing, and it robs us of our attractiveness in our older years way more than wrinkles and gray hair do. If in my seven books and numerous Blog articles I haven't given you enough reasons to go raw, in this video I am handing you one more! And what an incentive!

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