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Radiation: How Helpless Are We?

Published: (April, 2011)

Radiation: How Helpless Are We?

Recently, a reader's email--I'll call her Margie--shared her concern with me about the new wave of mobile surveillance technologies coming especially--but by no means exclusively--at airports. She would reduce her traveling, my reader said, to the barest minimum. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security will shortly roll out new mobile surveillance devices for use at train stations, stadiums, even on streets. You can learn more at this link.

Who knows? You could be attending a baseball game, boarding a bus, even strolling down a street, and never be aware you're basking in X-rays, courtesy of Homeland Security, whose well-meaning employees are snooping under your jeans for C-4, unlicensed pistols and nail clippers. 

I am deeply disturbed by the growing trend of ubiquitous surveillance. That said, I'd rather deal in the positive, the uplifting. 

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I felt I must ease Margie's fear. When I wrote her back, I agreed with her that reducing traveling is probably a good move. But even if she flies multi-times annually for the rest of her life, she wouldn't get anything like the amount of X-ray radiation I received during my eleven surgeries. That was years ago, by the way, when X-rays were much more harmful than today's digital systems.

Perspective is everything. So consider the recent, tragic earthquake and nuclear disaster in Japan. Now people everywhere are afraid of radiation, even as far away as California. For many of us the enemy is fear itself. There's no meaningful consolation I could possibly offer the people of Fukushima. I never lived through anything so dreadful. But if you are from any other country, I want to tell you a personal story ... 

Remember Chernobyl? That's right--the nuclear "incident" that occurred on April 26, 1986 in the Ukraine, in the former Soviet Union. The day after, we were driving just 15 miles from that site, returning from a visit to friends. Continue reading the article Radiation: What Can You Do ?

Our Improved Scalp Tonic: New Formula With Apple Stem Cells

Since first coming out with our Scalp Tonic, we have continued our research and development to help build an even better product for you. We've now included three exciting new components:

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Apple Stem Cell Extract ...
Not the same thing as human or animal stem cells, and not just any apple will do. These are derived from apples of the Uttwiler Spatlauber variety, known for their especially long-living tissue stem cells. Researchers wanted to see what would be the effect on the scalp of the extract of such long-living stem cells. One reason for thinning hair and hair loss is senescence--the natural process where every cell eventually stops dividing. Studies indicate signs of decreased senescence in hair follicles--cells actually living longer--when the scalp is treated with this apple stem cell extract.

The McIntosh or Delicious apples you'll find in your supermarket or even your health food store won't deliver the right stuff. They've been bred for flavor and sweetness. But the Uttwiler Spatlauber, developed in 18th century Germany, delivers remarkable longevity. Contrast apples that last for days or a couple of weeks, with the months-long shelf life of the Uttwiler. There are still some groves of the Uttwiler in Switzerland, and from these grew the modern Uttwiler we use to garner our extract of these extraordinarily long-living, all-natural plant tissues. There's definitely something going on there ... and we've captured it! 

Rooibos ... The rooibos tea plant grows only in the Cederberg Mountains of South Africa. Why have we gone to the ends of the earth to include the Rooibos in our new formula? Because of its amazing antioxidant properties. Containing 37 distinct antioxidant substances, and rich in minerals, this remarkable plant has become popular throughout the world. A recent study has demonstrated marked improvement in hair quality and thickness as well as hair re-growth when applied topically to skin and hair.

Olive Leaf Extract ... Studies have revealed that the extract of the olive leaf creates an important soothing effect that aids in preventing hair damage. This ingredient plays an important role in protecting hair structure, with a potent conditioning and restructuring effect.

Hair grows from cells at the base of the hair follicle. Hair follicles continuously cycle through growth, rest, and re-growth phases. In people experiencing hair loss, however, follicles have ceased to cycle naturally, with growing numbers of abnormal follicles entering longer resting phases and producing only tiny invisible hairs.

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We've gone a long way to acquire these extraordinary ingredients to promote the revitalization of hair follicles and help the formation of new hair and hair pigment. And we believe our new Scalp Tonic will go a long way toward helping you!

The scalp, being an extremity, is deprived of good blood flow without stimulation. I am a believer in combing your hair 100 strokes per day, 50 in the morning and 50 at night. You might want to begin with only 10 strokes and gradually increase the number. To comb properly, bend your head forward from the waist down. While you are brushing, the blood will rush to your face and hair, bringing additional nourishment. 

The raw food diet cleanses the system, purifies the bloodstream and promotes healthy hair. Proper combing stimulates your scalp and increases the blood flow to the roots, as well as distributing healthy oils. I believe that a 100% natural bamboo comb is the best for this procedure.

Comb your hair before applying the Scalp Tonic for best results. Combing massages the scalp and stimulates hair growth. Be sure not to hurry through this procedure: do it firmly but gently. It is a proven way to bring shine to your hair and give it a polished look. Some people like to comb their hair after the Scalp Tonic application. Try both ways and see what works best for you.

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Video: How to Get a Flat Tummy

Having a new baby. Often it's the  happiest time of your life. You've counted the  fingers and toes, verified he or she is healthy, and probably pronounced your child the most 
perfect in creation. At first, you don't even care about that lingering "baby bulge," you're so happy. But let some time pass, and you will start wanting to make that baby bulge disappear. 

I've been there, done that. My son just turned 30. Handsome lad 
is he, if I do say so myself. (His picture is in this video). If you're troubled by your over stretched stomach, watch my new video: How to Get a Flat Tummy.

There's more! I wanted to deliver something to you in print as well--but different from the video. My new article,  Tummy Tuck Alternatives: Best Tips for a Flat Stomach , captures a ton of research and useful techniques. The video and article are different - same topic, same purpose, but offering different methods. Check them both out ... and ban that bulge!