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The Coronavirus: Why?... And Where Next?

Published: (April, 2020)

The Coronavirus: Why?... And Where Next?

I want to tell you about an acquaintance of mine… I’ll call her Sue. Sue is now in her sixties. She has had skin cancer. Her thyroid was irradiated several years ago, and she had her gall bladder removed recently. Sue takes medications for blood pressure, thyroid, and arthritis, plus calcium supplements along with a handful of vitamin pills. I encourage her to improve her diet, but Sue insists emphatically, “I already eat healthy!”

Then she tells me, she eats only chicken, with a bit of red meat occasionally. A little popcorn when she watches movies. A glass of wine once a week. But she always orders a salad when she dines out and plans to continue doing so. Also… she gets a flu shot every year. Unfortunately, she caught Influenza type A earlier this year, having been inoculated for type B. I’ll wager you know many people in your own circle like my Sue.

A few years back, a Mayo Clinic study revealed that about 70% of Americans take at least one prescription medication. The same study showed that 20% of Americans are on five or more medications. More than a third of the prescription drugs used in this country are taken by elderly patients.  Nursing home residents consume, on average, seven or eight different drugs daily.

Doctors and pharmacists find some patients taking as many as 20+ prescription medicines to treat acid reflux, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, depression, insomnia, and other afflictions common amongst the elderly!

Medical science has been proud of its record in extending life expectancy, and not without justification. There’s a catch, however. In great degree, they’ve achieved this result through advances in pharmaceuticals. This has led to too many people taking too many drugs for too long. And the collective result is a scarcely functional immune system in a huge number of people. It has been a disaster waiting to happen… and now, it is indeed happening.

So many people with compromised immune systems are getting sick with the Coronavirus… overwhelming the very medical system responsible for creating this situation in the first place. Our medical system and its mantra—A pill for every ill—are finding ills they can’t deal with.

We are in the midst of a pandemic. And yet, this Coronavirus is not even the worst that could happen. Are you going to be a victim? Are you going to blame the virus, the quarantine, the government? Or will you use these events as an opportunity for growth and improvement?

Do you think the government will somehow bring you better health? Do you believe medical science will create yet another new drug to fight yet another virus? That’s old thinking. New thinking is, What can I do to assure I have the strongest immune system possible to protect me from the innumerable microbes and viruses with which I share my living space?

It is not the government's job to keep us healthy, and it is not the medical system’s job to assure our survival from the virus. It is our job. This pandemic is a warning that we need to change our attitude towards health. What we need more than anything is a strong immune system. And we’ll never get it through pills.

2. Strengthen Your Immune System

Here’s a quote from ABC News: “And as cases skyrocket in the U.S. and Europe, it’s becoming more clear that how healthy you were before the pandemic began plays a key role in how you fare, regardless of how old you are.”

I’ve spent the last twenty years spreading one message—how raw foods are vital in building superior health and slowing down aging. If you’ve experienced firsthand the benefits of raw foods, pass this message on to your friends and relatives. If they didn’t listen before, maybe they’ll pay attention now.

Taking full responsibility for your health is the only way to get out of this pandemic and ride out similar assaults in the future. Strengthen your immune system. That’s the only real protection you can have. How do you build a strong immune system? The best and most effective way is through eating raw foods.

So, exactly how raw do you have to be to make that difference? Is it 50%? 60%? I recommend a different criteria. Ask yourself how long it’s been since you last felt cold or flu symptoms. If you can’t even remember your last cold, then your ratio of raw to not-raw is likely a pretty good one for you. But, if you’ve had a cold within the last year, it is likely you are not eating enough raw foods. I’ve come to know people who are at (or near) the 100% raw threshold who haven’t been sick in decades.

Many degenerative diseases can be cured or ameliorated by diet and lifestyle changes. It’s our responsibility to make those changes. Being sick is no longer a personal matter, it affects all of us.

The world will be a better place once this is over. Younger folks will not want to go through another quarantine ever again. They see what’s happening with their grandparents. They will not want to be so vulnerable or find themselves locked up in their later years, fearful of human contact. The Coronavirus will lead us all to question current medical postulates.

The Black Death marked an end of an age in Italy. It resulted in full-blown social, economic, cultural, and spiritual changes. It ushered in the Italian Renaissance. Likewise, the impact of the Coronavirus will be profound. It will bring changes to our medical system. Our survival is at stake. It is time to start teaching health practices in medical schools, and not just the treatment of symptoms. Achieve this, and we’ll shift from the use of mere reactive medicine to a renaissance in health care. 

No Time for a Beauty Routine?

People frequently complain to me that they “don’t have time” for a serious skin and hair beauty routine. Well… unless you’re performing a front-line service, you have time now, don’t you?

Here’s an idea… Start a practice now of combing your hair 100 times daily. What a difference it will make to your hair once you’re out of self-quarantine. Keep in mind that hair takes a long time to grow. Try 100 strokes per day for 30 days, then start looking for new sprouts of hair popping up on your scalp. Want even better results? Add 5 to 10 minutes of Violet Ray and Scalp Tonic treatments.

For example: Comb your hair 100 times in the morning. Use the Violet Ray before bedtime. Then apply our Scalp Tonic. We have a new wooden comb that’s ideal for this 100 Strokes challenge. Get the comb…take the challenge…and enjoy the results!