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Tough Times: Don't Let Them Age Your Face

Published: (June, 2020)

Tough Times: Don't Let Them Age Your Face

The tough times in your life. It’s these—and how you tackle them—that will decide how you’ll look in your sixties, eighties, and beyond.

Now, the time of the coronavirus, racial injustice, and civil unrest is hard for everyone. Many are dismayed at how the government has been handling the events. We’re frustrated with the media’s failure to mention the effective measures to bring health to our physical bodies and harmony to our social climate. Believe me, I'm right there with you.

But we must be careful, with all these worrisome thoughts playing inside our heads daily. They’re bound to bring us frowns and folds that make us look grumpy and unattractive. Not that we meant to be ill-tempered. But that frustration and negative emotion will all be there.

Right now, your face is recording every emotion you have. When you’re young, you feel, the record gets erased. But it’s all still there.

Imagine a notebook with a page written upon but torn out and thrown away. An expert can restore what has been written there, simply by examining the pressure marks of the writing on the page underneath the one torn out.

It’s the same with your face: The markings of the lived through tension will become evident later in life, if you’re not proactive.

It’s important you relax these tense muscles daily. Tough times will pass. Just make sure your face doesn’t retain the record.

New 60-Second Video: My Cupping Routine

My hips were damaged during my birth. I experienced a lot of pain thanks to many surgeries and endless hours of strenuous therapy, plus a load of other challenges. You can read about those difficult times in my books. But you won’t find them on my face. 

What’s the remedy? It’s called “Cupping.” Each evening, I relax any tension that’s formed on my face during the day. It’s easy. It's pleasant. And it's very effective. And in the past ten years, I haven’t missed a day.

We offer two cups now: my original RejuvaCup, and my new RejuvaCup HD (High Definition). The original RejuvaCup is for beginners. My new RejuvaCup HD is stronger. It has a bigger mouth and a curved rim, so it hugs the face tightly and assures a smooth glide across your skin.

Can you get rid of any furrows and frowns you have now? My experience says: Yes! If you're persistent. During the last year ordeal with my rib cage injury, I formed a pronounced crease above my left eyebrow. It appeared because I was bracing myself over several weeks against pain.

Lately I've been using cupping on that spot twice a day. The crease is gone now. But it did take a few months to get rid of it. That showed me how easy it is to get a crease or furrow on your forehead, if you're not careful. And how simple persistence will help you smooth it out. Prevention is always much easier.

Benefits of Daily Mask

Most people just forgo their beauty routines when they’re sick, worried, or stressed. Mistake!

You need not neglect your skin no matter what your age, sunny days or stormy days, smooth seas or rough. ⁠

If you’re like most people, skin quality has a lot to do with how you'll feel about yourself, how you’ll cope with life and the world.

Another beauty practice you mustn’t give up during unsettling times: your daily facial mask. Yes, daily. As we get older, the cell turnover slows down. You want to help your skin remove these dead cells daily, or you'll be plagued with dry skin.

Dry skin or not—it’s entirely up to you, whatever your age. At 62, I have no dry skin issues at all. One reason: a daily facial mask since my early thirties. You can have great skin, too. All it takes is daily care.

A new batch of our GlaciClear Facial Masque with Turmeric is here.⁠ Note: It's thicker than the previous batch for easier application.

Rich in minerals, Canadian Marine Glacial Clay is the purest clay in the world, mined from pristine prehistoric formations.⁠

We’ve added turmeric, an outstanding ingredient for dealing with skin blemishes. Turmeric offers solid anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and antibacterial properties.⁠

GlaciClear, our Facial Masque with Turmeric, helps your skin by⁠

* absorbing excess oils and impurities⁠
* assisting in clearing skin blemishes⁠
* soothing skin irritations⁠
* moisturizing and hydrating your skin⁠
* brightening your complexion⁠
* achieving a more even skin tone⁠
* tightening pores for a silky smooth texture⁠

GlaciClear will leave your skin feeling fresh and clean with a healthy, radiant glow.⁠