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Illuminate Your Skin with Rose & Pearl

Published: (July, 2019)

Illuminate Your Skin with Rose & Pearl

1. What makeup do I use on my skin?

People ask me this question all the time. I never know quite how to answer it. Since I went raw more than 20 years ago, foundations stopped working for me. I’ve tried lots of brands—always the “light coverage” version. Whatever the foundation I used, it would make my face look older. It seems that even one with light coverage covers too much. I’ve always had to dilute light-coverage skin makeup with my facial cream to make it less noticeable.

Search “skin makeup tutorial” on YouTube and you’ll get a ton of videos with radical before-and-after transformations. The typical start—a model with seriously blemished skin: discolorations, red blotches, pores, and so on. She demonstrates how, after slathering on buckets of foundation and concealer, she ends up with… Voila! “Beautiful” skin. I can’t bring myself to watch. Frankly, I don't care for such “beauty” at all. I just don’t get it.

My position: There’s no makeup that’s a substitute for healthy skin. If you can see too much makeup on a face, you know it is there to cover something. A woman’s not going to smear herself with foundation unless she has to.

I know how it feels when something needs covering up. I lived with a limp most of my life. How disconcerting it is when you’re under constant pressure to hide a flaw you don’t want people to see. How much more disconcerting when the flaw is on your face. I encourage you to focus your energy on finding a way to eliminate it rather than merely to hide it.

Please note: The blemish is actually a part of your skin’s self-cleansing system—the mechanism by which toxins are brought to the surface and released. No matter how good your foundation may be, it’s effectively still a plaster. It seals in. It blocks the natural releasing process. And it will never look as good as healthy, clear skin.

My approach: Get rid of your blemishes—don’t cover them up. And with the methods I advocate, you’ll find it’s entirely possible to achieve skin that looks supple, smooth, and spotless—all without any more than minimal makeup, such as our new gently tinted moisturizer. Here’s my new creation and my absolute favorite cream: Rose & Pearl Illuminating Moisturizer.

2. Solutions for Skin Blemishes
Skin blemishes appear in a myriad of ways—some sudden and acute, others developing over time. There’s a direct correlation between the condition of your skin and your interior health. Outside and inside are parts of the same whole.

The skin is the largest and most visible organ of our bodies. It functions, among other crucial things, as an insulating and protective barrier and as an eliminative organ. This is important when dealing with blemishes, as they are a clue that something is compromised within the body—either what the skin is covering, or what it is trying to eliminate.

I believe a high raw food diet with daily juicing and High Frequency Ray(also called the Violet Ray) treatment is your recipe for clear skin at all ages. Many of you already have this marvelous device. Just don't forget to use it at least three times per week. Every day...It's even better.

Here’s a question about the Violet Ray electrodes I received on the same day from two different customers. One of them goes like this:

I read online that the orange (argon) electrode is better for wrinkles and the violet (neon) electrode is better for acne. Not sure if this is accurate (did not read it here at Beautiful on Raw). I trust your expertise to choose, but if there IS a difference, I am looking for help with fine lines and sagging jowls. 

There’s no research, that I know of, that says there’s any practical difference in the color of light displayed in High Frequency Ray (HFR) device. 

Here’s how the device actually operates…That gas, neon (orange) or argon (violet), never leaves the electrode (unless the electrode breaks). The gas glows when exposed to an electrical charge. But that glow isn’t, functionally speaking, an essential part of the device’s working and effect.

The sanitizing effect is achieved through the production of ozone in the air around the electrode (corona discharged). It’s the ozone that makes the High Frequency Ray (HFR) device effective for acne and other skin blemishes. And you want clear skin, whatever your age. And the High Frequency Rayis a proven way to go.

Lately, manufacturers have started to use neon, because argon’s color tends to fade with time, while neon’s orange will last for years. 

But neither is a cure-all. The HFR doesn’t deliver exfoliation, for example. For best anti-wrinkle effect, use our exfoliation tools and techniques. One of the best: plain old dry-brushingStrigil, for many, has become a favorite exfoliation tool, because it delivers exfoliation with a more pleasant feel. RejuvaCup is also a great tool for dealing with wrinkles and sagging skin.

3. Slow Down Aging with Greens
One of my customers wrote me recently: I’ve been following you since I came to see you in a beach area shop in Orange County and you made green smoothies with mango. I had my green smoothie yesterday thanks to you.

Quite a few years have passed since those old days when we traveled the country four times by RV, west to east, north to south. I was giving raw food presentations in many cities, and my husband Nick was making delicious smoothies with just two ingredients: mango and Swiss chard. We met many of you in person. I hope you’re still making our green pudding. Here’s just one variation: 2 mangos, 3-4 leaves of Swiss chard. Blend in your blender.

After following the raw food lifestyle for over 20 years, I can say with full confidence that raw foods, including plenty of greens, definitely slow the aging process. Green leaves score high in the beauty category too.

Clear skin, glowing complexion, healthy-looking hair—these are just a few of the desirable side effects of a greens-rich diet coupled with a good skin and hair care routine. Check it out for yourself. Add more greens to your raw food meals and see if you can tell your facial skin is improving.

Many greens are rich in beta-carotene, essential for renewing skin cells. Folic acid in greens also helps produce and maintain new cells, while lutein helps maintain skin hydration and elasticity as well as guard against sun damage.

Greens must be central in your diet and, ideally, you must consume greens every day. My favorite way to get greens in is by consuming green puddings. How is a green smoothie different from a green pudding? To get a pudding, you simply omit water. A green pudding is your complete meal. You’ll find it quite filling and—many are surprised by this—entirely delicious!